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North Wales Hospital

· Author: Denbighshire Archive
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Newspaper cuttings relating to The North Wales Hospital in Denbigh

Identifier: DD/DM/1829/1 · Date: 2001-2012 · Author: Denbighshire Archive

including arson attacks, vandalism and paranormal investigations. Also includes a Freedom of Information Request submitted to the North Wales Police relating to records of incidents and offences oc...

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North Wales Hospital annual report

Identifier: DD/DM/1800/3 · Date: 1950-1951 · Author: Denbighshire Archive

Annual reports.

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Identifier: QSD/B/6/2/12/3 · Date: 1849 · Author: Denbighshire Archive

for the government of the North Wales Hospital
Welsh and English copies

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North Wales Hospital, Rhyl Operatic Society and Rhyl miscellaneous

Identifier: DD/DM/1832 · Date: 1937-2005 · Author: Denbighshire Archive
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North Wales Mental Hospital visitors rota card

Identifier: BD/A/598 · Date: 1937-1938 · Author: Denbighshire Archive
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Postcard of Group of Nurses in a Ward of North Wales Hospital

Identifier: PPD/24/351 · Date: 1918 -1919 · Author: Denbighshire Archive
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Newscuttings on TB

Identifier: DD/DM/1799/156 · Date: late 20th cent. · Author: Denbighshire Archive

Llangwyfan, TB, North Wales Hospital and fire at cottages in Llangwyfan.

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Notes for students, on working conditions and regulations at the North Wales Hospital.

Identifier: DD/DM/1770/15 · Date: c.1970 · Author: Denbighshire Archive


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Notes on various patients at the North Wales Hospital

Identifier: DD/DM/1770/11 · Date: 3 Feb 1976 · Author: Denbighshire Archive

(one page only).

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